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Alo-howdy, folks!

Austin Mobile Tiki Bar Bartending Service

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We wanted to introduce ourselves to y’all before we jumped right into what we we do here at Texas Tiki Time.

Anna started Texas Tiki Time as an alternative to the typical bar set-up you see at most events. Working in the catering world for 8 years, she saw all kinds of events – but never any with a unique bar concept that stood out from the rest.

After starting an events staffing business that hit a rough patch during COVID, she realized that she wanted to do something different, and wanted to add a theme to her bartending services. After falling in love with the tiki world years before COVID, she had a lightbulb moment when she realized that theme should be tiki. That’s how Texas Tiki Time was born!

We wanted to flip the script on your run of the mill mobile event bartending, and offer something that was fun, joyful, and brought the wonderment to your event. Texas Tiki Time does exactly that – we’ve had guests tell us they feel like they’re at a beach, which is the experience we envision for every event.

We can bring everything except the booze (we’re working on that part). All you need to bring is a tiki shirt (optional) and a smile!

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